How To Change A Watch Battery Dive Watches


See the battery tester for operating instructions.

If the watch has two batteries and only one tests “replace”, replace both batteries. If both batteries test “good”, there is something wrong with the watch. Refer to your watchmaker.

Illustration 6A

Illustration 6B


Locate replacement batteries

Read the number on the old battery. Find the same number in the Star Struck Watch Battery Cross Reference Guide (6a). Choose the corresponding battery listed in the Cross Reference Guide from the Star Struck battery assortment cabinet (6b).


Clean the battery compartment. Check the battery compartment for dirt and remove it. If you find corrosion, refer to your watchmaker.

Illustration 8A
Illustration 8B


Install New Batteries. IMPORTANT
Be sure to test the new batteries before installing. For tester settings, follow manufacturer’s instructions. Install the new Star Struck battery(s) with the same side up as the one(s) you replaced. Remember the watch won’t work if the batteries are put in wrong.

SPRING CLIP: Place one end of the spring clip in place and push the other end into its slot (8a).

SCREW-ON CLIP: Place the clip over the new batteries. Hold the screw with the screw holding tweezers to start it in to the hole. Tighten the screw (8b).


Close the watch. IMPORTANT:

If there is a rubber sealing gasket in the back of the watch, make sure it is lined up properly before closing the back. Snap a metal adapter that is slightly smaller than the watch back into the upper jaw of the press. Place the support plate into the bottom of the press and fit a plastic ring adapter large enough to hold the watch into the support plate. Place the watch face down into the plastic ring adapter and press gently on handle until the watch snaps into place.


Clean the watch. Gently wipe the watch to remove any fingerprints or smudges.


Reset the watch. Reset the watch and make sure it is working. In analog watches, if there is no second hand, observe the minute hand through a magnifying glass until you detect movement.
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