How To Change A Watch Battery

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Watch Repair Tools Needed:

Tweezers, battery tester, cleaning cloth, polishing cloth, all watch case tools are available from Star Struck, LLC.

Illustration 2A
Illustration 2B


Place the watch in the case holding vise. Clamp the watch in the case holding vise by opening the two halves of the block. Place the watch in the middle, and gently release or tighten the two halves so that they hold the watch firmly (2a).

If the watchband does not unbuckle or unclasp, separate the band by pressing down with the pointed tool to remove the spring-loaded pin that connects the band to the clasp or watch (2b).

Illustration 3A
Illustration 3B


Remove the Hatches.

Unscrew the hatches counter-clockwise by turning a coin in the slot (3b). Once the hatches are loosened, finish unscrewing and remove with fingers. Be careful not to let the batteries fall out yet.

Illustration 4A


Remove the batteries. IMPORTANT:

Before you remove the batteries, be sure to note which side is up-you’ll have to put the new batteries in the exact same way. To remove the batteries, simply turn the watch over and they should fall out. If either battery is stuck, gently pry it out.
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